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Recap - NYC 2023 Snowflake Data for Breakfast

Last week on March 9, 2023, I attended the NYC Snowflake Data for Breakfast event. The event was packed with attendees from various industries and featured a lineup of great speakers who shared their experiences and insights on using Snowflake's platform. Also, to make things better, Snowflake had some great food and coffee flowing, which was needed since the event started at 8 am EST.

Now the event kicked off with Brent Bateman, a Principal Sales Engineer at Snowflake, who discussed the capabilities of Snowflake, with a focus on its self-managed automated administration and unified governance platform.

He highlighted how Snowflake is helping companies easily manage and access their data with less complexity and more agility. A lot of us know this today, but it was a good way to get the room to wake up and excited for the morning event.

One thing Brent did not discuss though was the recent acquisition with Streamlit, but we all know there will be more to come on this in the future with Snowflake.

Next, Jonathan Hyman, Co-Founder & CTO at Braze, shared how they use Snowflake to gain better insights into their customers and build more personalized experiences. He emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making in today's business landscape and how Snowflake is an essential tool for achieving that goal. In addition, it was a breath of fresh air as Jonathan also walked us through at a high-level his current architecture and their customer journey.

The event also featured a panel discussion with Jai Subrahmanyam, Senior Vice President, Head of Data Governance at The Blackstone Group, and Phil Andriyevsky, Partner- Wealth and Asset Management at EY. They shared how Snowflake has helped The Blackstone Group in leveraging data for better decision-making and driving business outcomes. They also discussed the value Snowflake has brought to their respective organizations in terms of scalability, performance, and cost savings.

The event concluded with all speakers coming together to answer questions from the audience. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from Snowflake experts and industry leaders and gained valuable insights on how Snowflake can help their organizations effectively manage and utilize their data.

Overall, this was a great event and extremely informative and insightful. Also, I look forward to exploring Snowflake capabilities and how they are being used with their current customers. Also, thanks again to the Snowflake Partner team for inviting Pingahla Colombia and Pingahla NorAm team to all the events being hosted around the world! Next up Snowflake Summit on June 26th! I can't wait to be in attendance.

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