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Training & Enablement

We provide a comprehensive suite of courses for enablement in leading technologies, tools and best practices we deploy so your team is equipped to manage, maintain and continue building your data platform and infrastructure.


We make sure that your team knows how to operate and maintain the applications and systems we build and customize, and we work with you to manage the changes in your organization to ensure their universal adoption.


A business strategy is only as good as your ability to align the rest of your organization around it. We’ll work together to increase adoption of your data at all levels across the organization.

Change Management

We care about our clients, and we're passionate about seeing them evolve to become data-driven. We’re here to help you transition into a data-driven company at all levels and to help ensure both technical and cultural adoption, across the board.

Training & Enablement


We have designed, architected, implemented...


Pingahla is an experienced Databricks consulting....


Pingahla is a Strategic Tier Qlik partner and expert...


When it comes to Informatica software product...


As a Snowflake partner, we can help you...


We are dedicated to offering unbiased recommendations for the optimal technologies that align with your specific requirements throughout your entire data infrastructure.

 Our Technology Preferences

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