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Snowflake + Streamlit (Gamechanger!)

As this week draws the Data for Breakfast events with our Snowflake partner. I thought it would be only right to put together a blog post on the latest news about Snowflake's Streamlit acquisition. When I saw this acquisition, I thought this was a great job by Snowflake! But I’m still waiting on Snowflake to purchase dbt...😊

Now some of you may not have heard about Streamlit. Now for those who have only heard about Steamlit now, let me share with you a quick blurb about the company that you can easily find on the web.

Streamlit is an open-source framework that allows data scientists and machine learning engineers to build web applications for their data projects. With Streamlit, users can create interactive and customizable web interfaces for their machine-learning models, data visualizations, and data exploration tools without needing to know how to write front-end web code. Now, what is the value of Streamlit to organizations and companies like yours? Well, their software allows the ability to simplify and streamline the development process. From what I have read and seen on YouTube. Using Streamlit, companies can build and deploy interactive applications faster and with fewer resources than with traditional dev methods. Now the kicker for the solution's value is that it can lead to faster time-to-market for new products, and solutions, improved collaboration between data engineers, data scientists, and business users, and greater agility in responding to changing market needs. To me, this is a game-changer! Now if it can do all of this why would Snowflake would want to purchase Streamlit? Now I do not sit on the Snowflake board, work for the company, etc. I have very little insight on the WHY, but being a technologist, I would believe the reason Snowflake purchased Streamlit is due to many of the benefits I highlighted above which include;

  1. Allowing Snowflake customers to quickly build and deploy web applications on top of their data. This could help Snowflake differentiate its offering from competitors and provide additional value to its customers.

  2. Snowflake's expertise in data management and analytics could help streamline Streamlit's development process and provide access to a larger customer base. This could help accelerate Streamlit's growth and adoption in the market.

  3. The acquisition could potentially lead to synergies in research and development, with both companies sharing knowledge and expertise in the areas of data management, analytics, and web application development

Either way, this is a win, win for Snowflake customers and partners like Pingahla. I am excited to be attending the upcoming NYC Snowflake Data for Breakfast and I hope this is a topic that will be discussed.

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