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Talend 8.0 New Features, Updates, Enchantments, and Feature Depreciation

Five months since the release of Talend 8.0 and Pingahla is supporting its Talend customers moving to Talend 8. Now if you are a Talend Cloud or On-prem customer you may have missed the release or if you are a Talend Cloud customer, you maybe ask yourself, "Why do I need to upgrade on the cloud?" No matter the type of Talend solution you are using today you will most likely upgrade to Talend's latest version 8.0 for ongoing support and to also take advantage of the latest and great updates. But let's start with the 8.0 updates for both on-prem and cloud solutions.

Talend On-Prem Solutions

Talend's On-Prem solutions from Data Integration, ESB, Big Data and etc have included some new changes the include;

New Features such as;

  • Popups about changes not pushed to Git remote repository

  • Support of Spark Universal 3.1.x in Local mode

  • Improvement of error messages for Git operations

  • Support of Databricks 8.0 and onwards with interactive clusters only on Spark Universal 3.1.x as a technical preview

Bug fixes with its products such as Data Integration, Data Mapper, Data Quality, Data Preparation, and Data Stewardship.

Deprecated and removed items

  • Bonita BPM Integration

  • Talend CommandLine as a server

  • MapReduce

  • Oozie

For a full list of understanding the latest on-prem updates, please visit;

Talend Cloud Solutions

Talend's Cloud platforms starting from Talend Cloud Data Integration to Talend Data Fabric included many new updates such as;

  • Updates to the Talend Cloud Migration Platform

  • New page to manage logs

  • New task logging architecture

  • SSO settings for multi-tenancy

  • Public API versions

Along with some bug fixes such as;

  • Names of Remote Engines in a cluster were not displayed

  • Timestamps had incorrect format when using API to execute plans

  • Deployment Strategy was wrong in the TMC API

To better understand the full list of updates, enchantments, and feature depreciations, please visit These updates, enchantments, and feature depreciations are critical to understanding as they could have major impacts on current data pipelines within your organization, or help easily support new data initiatives. If you are interested in better understanding how the latest updates, enchantments, and feature depreciations and how they can affect your Talend ecosystem, contact for an assessment to allow our Pingahla team to put together a delivery plan in place to utilize the latest and great version of Talend.

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