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Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure - What to Know!

If you are a Talend retail customer, you may have been holding off moving to Talend Cloud because it was hosted on AWS, or you may be an Azure customer looking for the native Azure solution. Well, now you have an option in using Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Talend made this huge announcement in Oct 2019, and many on-prem retail customers want to flip the cloud switch. Hopefully, you had the opportunity to check out Talend's Webinar on Oct 30, 2019, that introduced the Talend Cloud Azure offering, but if you missed it you are in luck as Talend is having another live Webinar on Nov 13, 2019, 11 am SGT. But before making that jump to Talend Cloud on Azure, I put together this blog post to help educate you on Talend's Azure offering as it is a little different than the Talend Cloud AWS offering due to the Talend Azure Roadmap, which I will address within this blog posting.

Talend Cloud Azure Zone
Talend Cloud Azure Zone

Now with Talend Cloud rolled out on Microsoft Azure, you will have to note for this first phase for Talend you will only be able to leverage Azure on the United States - West Zone. Now, why do I bring this up? If you are a current Talend Cloud AWS user, you have the ability to select different zones based on your region. Now, as per the latest webinar, Talend will expand the zones in the future. So keep this in mind.

One of the other differences with Talend Cloud on AWS and Talend on Azure is that Talend's Data Preparation and Data Stewardship solution won't be available on Talend on Azure until the end of the year (2019). Luckily for you all, we only have another month until the end of Dec 2019, in which these solutions will be readily available for the Talend Cloud Azure users.

Talend Cloud Azure - Coming Soon
Talend Cloud Azure - Coming Soon

Besides Talend Data Preparation and Data Stewardship not being available, Talend's API Designer and API Tester won't be available day 1. Though it was not discussed on the prior webinar, or I may have missed it, no date was given when Talend's API Designer and API Tester would be available on Talend Cloud on Azure. If anyone knows when this would be available, please let me know, else I will try to find out on the next live webinar.

But though some of these applications may not be available, what is available is that Talend Cloud Azure users will be able to harness the cloud power of Microsoft Azure, in which Talend Cloud Azure runs natively. In addition, to access your TIC, you will have the ability to leverage Talend Studio and Talend's new self-service ETL solution, Pipeline Designer.

Talend Azure Trial
Talend Azure Trial

This is a huge step for Talend and its Talend users and I ask you all, to check out and visit to get access to your free 30 day trial to Talend Cloud on Azure. If you are looking for support and assistance with your Talend Cloud Azure 30 day trial, don't hesitate to reach out and if you are interested in learning more about Pingahla's Talend services, please contact

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